Resources for Miller Puckette and Irwin's keynote talk at the IRCAM Forum, March 16, 2021

Explanation and Pd example of the Bell Designer algorithm used in the "bello" plug-in. This is the same technique as "3F," often used in Philppe Manoury's music and described in his blog.

A paper on the nonlinear feedback delay networks (FDNs) used in the "whakt" plug-in.

The quacktrip app, also as VST and AU plug-ins, using Pierre Guillot's camomile pd-to-plugin wrapper. You can also run quacktrip in Max/MSP, thanks to Damon Holzborn.

Here's Irwin and Miller's first not-quite-live performance at the digitIZMir festival, Izmir, Turkey, Oct 30, 2020 (performed in real time but pre-recorded for diffusion).