Music 171 assignment 5 (due Feb. 10): sampling time stretcher.

Assignment 5 is to stretch the phrase "soft and relaxing" (from the same old soundfile, voice.wav, you used in the previous assignment) so that it keeps the original pitch but lasts (for instance) 7 seconds. Getting this to sound perfect would take lots of tuning, but here it's OK to do a rough job of it.

The basic strategy is to play back short segments of the sound, each one at its original speed (so that the pitch is unchanged), one after another, so that each segments of sound played is taken from a location slightly further along the soundfile than the previous one.

The segments should be short (for example, 1/20 of a second). To make the sound free of clicks and/or distortion, each one should be enveloped so that it starts and stops in silence. This can be done in either of two ways.

Possiblility one is to use a phasor~ object (both to drive the read location into an array holding the soundfile and also to control the envelope). This leads to a solution that relies almost entirely on "~" objects.

Possibility two is to use a metronome and line~ objects, one to generate the sliding locations to read the array, and the other to envelope it. Either of these two approaches will work; their advantages and disadvantages should become clear in class.

The result should sound something like this.

Extra credit idea TBA...