Music 171 homework 8

prototypical vocal synth

This assignment is designed to give you practice with qlists and delay lines. There's no relationship between the two, it's just what's happening in the course right now. The assignment is to use a recirculating comb filter and a qlist-based sequencer to make our tedious radio announcer sing his phrase "soft and relaxing". The melody I chose was the playground chant sometimes known as "I'm the king of the castle" but you're free to choose your own if you can think of something more interesting.

To impose your own pitch on the sound of the recorded voice, send it through a recirculating comb filter (a delay loop with a short delay time tuned to the desired period). Here's how to do it:

IMPORTANT: contrarry to something I said in class last week, the qlist object does NOT save its contents in the containint patch - instead, it's best to use "write" and "read" messages to the qlist object to save its sequence between sessions, and make it "read" the file with a loadbang.

Your successful patch should sound something like this (but not necessarily that exact melody).

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