Music 171 final project

Final presentations are due Tuesday, March 20, 3-6 PM. Because of the large class size, we'll split up into two groups, one in the classroom, the other in another room to be announced. Every student will get a chance to demonstrate his or her project to the class, which should take the form pf a Pd patch, possibly with supporting files. You'll each be asked introduce and demo your patch (your presentation should only last three to five minutes). We'll also ask you to turn in your files in the usual way.

PROPOSAL DUE FEB. 16: On Feb 16, in addition to the usual assignment, you'll be asked to upload a paragraph or two proposing your project. It would be a good idea to have already tested your ideas out informally in a patch to make sure they're workable. The proposal will count as 5 points out of the 20 point project grade.

Here are some possible project ideas:

You can use office hours to discuss these or other project ideas with the professor or TAs.