Music 206: The vibrating body
Winter quarter 2012, University of California, San Diego, section ID 730105

Mondays, 5-8, CPMC 367.
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette, CPMC 251,,

Here are patches from 1/8 and the first sonic challenge.

I'm planning to fish for a space to offer the class Mondays 10-1 instead of 5-8; stay tuned.

Here is the original plan:

modes of vibration
  frequency and decay time
  nonlinear coupling between modes
  symmetries and degeneracy

travelling waves
  transverse and longitudinal waves
  strings&membranes vs. rods and plates

  energy transfer in and out of modes
  driving modes
  position dependence of modal coupling

analysis techniques
  Prony's method

computer models
  finite element analysis
  modal simulation

coupling of solids with air
  propagation of sound in air
  diffraction and directionality
  impedance and frequency-dependent coupling

  coupling between horizontal and vertical modes
  pickups and bridges

circular membranes
  Bessel functions
  mounting and sensing

air columns and rooms

the vocal tract

design of physical objects
  mics and speakers