Music 270C: Compositional Algorithms
Spring quarter 2011. University of California, San Diego

Mondays, 2-4:50, CPMC 265.
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette , CPMC 251,,

The course is organized along ten general topics as follows:

There will be biweekly programming assignments over the ten weeks of the course.

Here is ASSIGNMENT 1, due Monday, April 11.

Here is ASSIGNMENT 2, due Monday, April 25.

Here is ASSIGNMENT 3, due Monday, May 23.

Assignment 4 is to make a riff on the Who's acid-driven organ solo HERE.

Here are archives of patches, markov code updates, and the kmeans demo as of 5/24. FINAL MEETING: we're planning to meet to give all of you a chance to show off your efforts, 10AM Thursday, June 9, usual place.