Music 270c: assignment 2

ASSIGNMENT 2. (no specific due date; we'll start listening to your attempts in 3 weeks, May 4):
Make a rhythmic interpolator, which takes two series of time intervals as input and makes a series of interpolating series between them. Here is an example from Manoury's Jupiter: two rhythms recorded from the flute in this sequence, each with 7 notes and thus six durations, come back as the booming, sampled sound here. The result starts with the initial durations, and makes 16 interpolations between them (theoretically making 97 notes although there are apparently only 96). An (impenetrable) patch that does this is in the Pd Repertory Project.

As another example of interpolations, here is a bit of Xenakis's piece, P/H Concrete. Here is my riff on it.