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Recirculating comb filter

Example G02.delay.loop.pd (Figure 7.24) shows how to make a recirculating delay network. The delay is again accomplished with a delwrite~/delread~ pair. The output of the delread~ object is multiplied by a feedback gain of 0.7 and fed into the delwrite~ object. An input (supplied by the phasor~ and associated objects) is added into the delwrite~ input; this sum becomes the output of the network. This is the recirculating comb filter of Section 7.4.

Figure 7.24: Recirculating delay (still noninterpolating).

The network of tilde objects does not have any cycles, in the sense of objects feeding either directly or indirectly (via connections through other objects) to themselves. The feedback in the network occurs implicitly between the delwrite~and delread~ objects.

Miller Puckette 2006-12-30