Realization Tester - framework for testing Pd realizations of electronic music

This documentation is for version v0.01(Mon Sep 21 16:16:10 PDT 2020).

The Realization Tester is a Pure Data (Pd) patch that can test other Pd patches (presumed to be realizations of musical pieces) to verify that they generate the correct output given a standardized input. The standardized input consists of a soundfile, and a text file containing all MIDI, network packet, and GUI (mouse and keyboard) events. To prepare the test, we generate a standardized output soundfile by running the piece with the standardized input.

At any later time we may then present the standardized input to the realization patch to verify that it still prodices the same output, to within a pre-determined tolerance. If the test passes, this verifies not only that the realization patch is correct, but also that the real-time environment is still capable of playing the piece correctly.

The release contains the main patch, named 1.patch-tester.pd, and two subdirectories: “doc”, containing both documentation and related position papers, and “simple” which contains a sample “piece” and its reference inputs and outputs to demonstrate the workings of the patch.

The README.txt file contains command-line tests that can test the “simple” example (one test that should succeed and another one that should fail), and real-world test commands that run an extracted portion of a real piece, en Echo by Philippe Manoury, using a vocal part recorded by Juliana Snapper as input (downloaded separately).