Miller Puckette
Department of Music
University of California San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0099

1 858 534 4823

Miller Puckette
Photo: Brad Garton 2001
Pure Data (Pd): documentation; download
Pure Data Repertory Project (PDRP): documentation; download
smeck, the six-channel guitar processor: documentation; download
Fast, high quality peer-to-peer network audio for musicians: quacktrip
Audio tools realized in Pd
Some other ideas for musicians

Classes taught at UCSD
Music Department Lecture Series: Voice as Musical Instrument (2019)
Recorded music, research talks, and class lectures with a searchable table of class contents
Book (online or paper): Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music
Rhy by Ed Harkins (DRAFT): HTML; PDF; audio files.
other publications
Biographical note

...he says to me, "Are you ready to be yourself again?" I said, "Which one?" -Iggy Pop in an interview by David Marchese