Music 170 function library version 5

Here is Version 5 of the library (September 17, 2018).

To use it, you will also have to download and install Pure Data, available here. Once you've installed Pd, and unpacked the library above into a directory (folder) named, for instance, "m170-function-library-v5", you can instruct Pd to use the library by adding it to Pd's search path. Start Pd and select "preferences->path" from either the Pd or the file menu (depending on your OS), and add the full path to the unpacked library as in "/users/me/Downloads/m170-function-library-v5".

Then whenever you type an object name from the library, such as "meter", Pd should make the correct object for you. If not, turn on the "verbose" flag in the "path" dialog to get a long printout (on Pd's "main" window) showing all the places Pd tried and failed to find it - most likely there's something wrong with the path to the directory.

The library provides these objects: