Music 170: Musical Acoustics - sample contracts

(Here are some sample contracts to show you what format and length would be appropriate. These could all be either "A" or "B" contracts. For a "C" contract you don't have to go into any project description since there aren't projects required for a "C" grade.)

contract 1:

I'm a visarts ICAM student interested in becoming a filmmaker.

My project 1 is a "shred" based on the scene in the Wizard of Oz movie where Dorothy repeats "There's no place like home" and then wakes up, out of a long dream, in her own house. For project 1 I'll make a dry run, adding a laugh track at the beginning, getting louder and louder, and then add the Wilhelm scream when Dorothy opens her eyes. The final project will be the same scene from Oz with a completely new soundtrack using synthesized sound effects and some recorded sound effects.

contract 2:

I'm a music ICAM major, taking the music 101 series as an elective, and know Ableton pretty well.

I'm interested in the music of Pauline Oliveros and Eliane Radigue. I'd like to learn how to make slow, contemplative music that penetrates deep into the listener through the passage of time. The two prompt samples (the scream and the laugh track) are very short and attention-getting. I'd like to see, for a first project, if I can draw the laugh track out over the space of a minute or more and bury it under the sound of rustling leaves or running water so that the laughter is only audible if you know it's there. (I don't yet know if this will be soothing or alarming to listen to).

My final project will be an exploration of three elements: human sounds (building on the scream and laugh examples), long, drawn-out synthetic sounds, and recorded natural sounds (wind, ocean, bird songs), finding mixes of the three that make it hard for a listener to decide where the sounds are coming from.

contract 3:

I'm a political science major. My math background is mainly statistics. I don't have much formal training in music. I'm taking this course as an elective.

What's in a scream? My project number 1 will be a drawn-out version of the Wilhelm scream that lasts a full minute. This will sound very unsettling since no human could do that without stopping to take a breath.

My final (technical) project will be to make a Wilhelm scream synthesizer, using Pure Data, that allows you to specify the starting, ending, and peak pitch and amplitude of the scream, as well as its duration. One extra control will allow adding vibrato.