Music 172: Computer Music II
Spring quarter 2010. University of California, San Diego

Prerequisite: Music 171
Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00-3:20 in CPMC 265
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette ,CPMC 251, 858-534-4823,,
TA: Chris Warren: cdwarren at

Office Hours: Thursday after class or by appointment.

This is a continuation of Music 171. There will be nine short weekly assignments, due in class on Tuesday, then a (small) final project. Final projects may be presented to class during the final exam period.

Preliminary list of topics (this may change depending on how it all goes):

1. Review of wavetables and sampling, emphasizing the connections between them (2 weeks; chapter 2).
Assignment 1 is due April 6.
Assignment 2 is due April 13.
Here are patches from week 1 and week 2 .

2. managing voices and parameters (2 weeks; chapter 4).
Assignment 3 is due April 20.
Assignment 4 is due April 27.
Here are patches from week 4.

3. waveshaping, modulation and nonlinearity (1 week; chapter 5).
Assignment 5 is due May 4.
Assignment 6 is due May 11.
Here are patches from week 5.

4. delays and filters (2 weeks; chapters 7 and 8).
Assignment 7 is due May 18.
Here are patches from week 6.

5. FFTs and frequency-domain processing (2 weeks; chapter 9).
Assignment 8 is due May 25.

6. Microprocessors and Pd using the Arduino platform and Pduino (1 week).

Final projects should be presented during the final exam period (Tuesday, June 15, 3-6PM).