Music 206 : real-time computer music software design
Fall quarter 2012. University of California, San Diego

Time and Location Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:30, CPMC 231 or TBA
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette , CPMC 251,,

This seminar examines some of the many design problems that come up when writing real-time computer music applications, such as: how to get audio and other information in and out on time; scheduling; concurrent processes and priorities; memory and data management; DSP coding; the user interface and graphics; and programming style choices. Participants should have some experience programming in a "real" programming language (C, Java, Fortran, Basic, Forth, ADA, COBOL...; not just Max or Pd). Whatever examples I provide will be in C. Students will be asked to make a prototype of something and/or make a presentation to the class about some related topic.

Here are recordings of 13 of the meetings (the others were lost).

Here is Version 1 of the DUM interpreter and a draft writeup.

Here is Version 2 of the DUM interpreter

Here is the DUM interpreter as a Pd object.

And some brief course notes.