Music 206 : Stored and live control streams for real-time electronic music
Fall quarter 2015. University of California, San Diego

Time and Location Wednesdays, 5-8, CPMC 367
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette , CPMC 251,,

Various problems and approaches to managing parameters for synthesizing music. How you can store and recall, automate, generate, and/or combine synthesis parameters in live performance. Issues include handling polyphony; editing collections of parameter changes; control by automata; combining parameter streams; triggering and syncronization. Some knowledge of Pure Data (such as from the 271 sequence or by going through the video 171 lectures) will be helpful.

Here are example patches and files and videos.

Topics (may change slightly):

Oct. 7. Amplitudes, gains, and frequencies

Oct. 14. Example: Pluton by Philippe Manoury

Oct. 21. Time resolution, accuracy, units, and transfer functions

Oct. 28. Sequencing

Nov. 4. Audio analysis as parameter stream source

Nov. 11. graphical scores

Nov. 18. [No class]

Nov. 25. Live automata

Dec. 2. Polyphony

Dec. 10. (Thursday of finals week) open research questions and ideas