Music 206 : The voice as musical instrument
Spring quarter 2019. University of California, San Diego

Time and Location Wednesdays, 5PM, CPMC 367
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette , CPMC 251,,

This seminar is centered on a series of ten lectures, by nine UCSD music faculty members and one guest, that explore the use of the human voice as a musical instrument from a variety of perspectives. The speakers include composers, performers, and researchers. The end goal is to establish a publicly available repository of knowledge and ideas that will be of use to musicians everywhere. Not accidentally, this will also serve to showcase the high quality and diversity of thought and experience to be found in the UCSD music department.
Videos are available here.


Apr 3. Anthony Davis
Apr 10. Natacha Diels
Apr 17. Miller Puckette
Apr 24. Roger Reynolds
May 1. Nina Eidsheim
May 8. Wilfrido Terrazas
May 15. Ed Harkins and Philip Larson
May 22. Steven Schick
May 29. Nancy Guy
Jun 5. Susan Narucki

All but three of the meetings (including the first one) will be cut short in order to avoid conflicting with Weds@7 concerts. On April 10 we will stay longer to get organized as a class, and May 29 and June 5 there will be time for students to present their own work or ideas. We'll also carve out some time finals week as needed to hear from all participants.