Music 267. Seminar in Advanced Music Technology
Fall quarter 2007. University of California, San Diego

Meetings: Tuesdays 2-5 PM, location TBA.
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette, Atkinson 1601E, 858-534-4823,,
Office Hours: Fridays 12:00-1:00PM or by appointment

Interactive video processing

A theoretical and practical look at the state of the art in using video in interactive computer applications, particularly as a control input for computer music. Students should be familiar either with the C programming language or with a real-time programming environment for video (Gem, pdp, or Jitter), as we will be trying out various environments and evaluating them for speed and robustness.

Your assignment will be to take on some choice of camera, machine, programming environment, and algorithm, and realize a blob tracker (detailed requirements to be developed in class) so that at the end of the quarter we can learn how they compare in terms of speed, latency, accuracy, and robustness.

Here's a GEM cribsheet from Oct. 9

Here are the ugly and naive patches from 10/9 .