Music 270a. Digital Audio Processing
Fall quarter 2006. University of California, San Diego

Meetings: Mondays, 2:00-4:50, Mandeville B104
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette, Atkinson 1601E, 858-534-4823,,
Office Hours: Thursdays 12:30-1:30PM or by appointment

This is a sequel to the undergraduate 171-172 series, open to undergraduates who have taken 172 as well as graduate students.
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Miller's techniques book:
Julius's math book:
Julius's filter book:

Preliminary list of topics :
1. Real and complex sinusoids. (Techniques, chapter 1 and sections 4.1, 4.2)
2. Amplitude and frequency curves in gory detail. See section 4.2 of Techniques.
3. Modulation
4. Non-linear transfer functions
5. PAF synthesis
6. Quaternions and noise modulation
7. Modulated samplers
8. Modulated samplers, continued
9. Linear filters with time-varying coefficients
10. All-pass filters and the Hilbert transform
11. Unitary matrices and linear delay networks
12. Nonlinear filters and reverberators
13. Bandlimited step functions and analog-style waveforms
14. Classic soft- and hard-synced oscillators
15. The lowly envelope generator