Music 271a. Survey of Electronic Music Techniques II
Spring quarter 2021. University of California, San Diego
Section ID 42655

Meetings: Wednesdays, 2:00-4:50, nowhere
Instructor: Professor Miller Puckette, 858-534-4823,,

This is the second of a two-quarter sequence exploring the role of electronics in new music. This quarter is designed to connect the techniques and patching skills developed in the first quarter with examples of their usage in real musical projects, both live and studio-produced.

Some of the ideas shown here are demonstrated as part of the Pure Data Repertory Project, including the piece we'll start out with, John Chowning's Stria.

Here are videos of class meetings.

A tentative list of study pieces, broken into four categories:

Early Computer Music:

John Chowning, Stria
Harvey, Mortuous Plango, Vivos Voco
James Dashow, In Winter Shine
Jean-Claude Risset, Songes

Sound as a medium:
Zhang Xiaofu, Nuo Ri Lang
Jacqueline George, Same Sun
Hidegard Westerkamp, Beneath the Forest Floor
James Tenney, Collage #1
Pauline Oliveros, Bye Bye Butterfly

Algorithmic composition:
Laurie Spiegel, Appalachian Grove #1
George Lewis, Voyager
Kerry Hagan, Of Pulses and Times
Philippe Manoury, Illud Etiam

Wendy Carlos, Switched-on Bach
Maryanne Amacher, Head Rhythm 1; Plaything 2