Music 6: Electronic Music - about test 1,

The test is cumulative (both materials covered in tests 1 and 2, and from weeks 8-10, which haven't been covered in earlier tests). There will be 20 music identification questions and 40 multiple-choice ones. Some practice questions from teh recent material:

One practice specific to postmodernism is: A. conducting; B. using live instruments; C. appropriating others' work; D. using microphones; E. tonal harmony

Maryanne Amacher's Head rhythm 1 takes advantage of: A. sampling; B. an effect of human hearing; C. serial pitch organization; D. radio clips; E. song form

Which of the following does NOT use appropriated recorded music: A. Bye Bye Butterfly; B. The Perfect Cut; C. Voyager, no. 1; D. The Rockafella Skank; E. On/off edit

Karlheinz Stockhausen's Study II uses: A. recorded bird sounds; B. recorded speech; C. recorded singing; D. recorded violins; E. purely synthetic sounds

In Pink Floyd's On the Run, one can hear: A. analog sequencers; B. computers; C. wire recorders; D. turntableism; E. a looped sample

(answers to appear tomorrow)...