Music 6: Electronic Music - about test 1,

The test covers the materials up to Tuesday, April 19 (first half of week 4, in which Kontakte was dissected at length). You should be able to identify the music deom the first three weeks plus Kontakte, but not necessarily the other music from week4. In addition to 15 identification challenges, there are 25 multiple-choice questions. Here are three practice questions:

The sound sources in Luigi Russolo's Risveglio di una citta include: A. electrical devices; B. violins; C. mechanical instruments; D. recorded sounds; E. flowing water

The term "dynamic" is related to: A. pitch; B. rhythm; C. pulse; D. loudness; E. musical scales

Which is not present in O Superman: A. A pulse; B. a musical key; C. timbre; D. guitars; E. repetition