Music 6: Electronic Music - about test 2

The test covers the materials in weeks 4 through 7 (up to Thursday, May 12.) Same format as test 1. Here are a few practice questions:

The use of the same procedure to make a timbre as to organize an entire piece would be typical of: A. Boulez; B. Barriere; C. McNabb; D. Radiohead; E. Stockhausen

The invention of computer music (as in the ``MUSIC" program) is usually attributed to: A. John Chowning; B. Philippe Manoury; C. Max Mathews; D. Iannis Xenakis; E. Pierre Boulez

Which of these pieces is written using its own, special graphical notation: A. Phōnē B. O Superman; C. Dinosaur Music; D. Mycenae-Alpha; E. Johnny B. Goode

An idea heavily used in Games Without Frontiers is: A. synthesis; B. Atonalism; C. companding as an audio effect; D. vocal synthesis; E. looping

Which of the following qualities of a guitar sound is least affected by amplification or distortion: A. amplitude; B. timbre; C. sustain; D. rhythm; E. harmonicity