Music g4601: Musical Interactivity
Fall 2010, Columbia University

Prerequisite: knowledge of an interactive computer music environment such as Pd, Max, or Supercollider.
Meetings: Wednesdays, 2:10-4:00 in Dodge 803
Instructor: Miller Puckette,
Office Hours: TBA, 314 Prentis hall (CMC).

An introduction to interactive techniques for making computer music and/or installation art. The assignment for the semester is a final project. At some point during the semester I will want to talk with each of you, both to work out what a good final project will be, and to make sure you have the necessary tools. Final projects may be presented during the last scheduled class (Dec. 8), or by arrangement afterward.

Preliminary list of topics (this may change depending on how it all goes):

Sep. 8. Examples of interactive computer music: Manoury, Waisvisz, Lewis
Here is the Example patch . (This might show up as a strange text file on your browser; just save it as example1.pd and open it in Pd to see it.) You can download Pd from

Sep. 15. detection and measurement. Here is a zip file with patches from class.

Sep. 22. controls, presets, levels, rehearsal and performance PATCHES

Sep. 29. estimating pitch and loudness. PATCHES

Oct. 6. statistical measures of instrumental performance PATCHES

Oct. 13. measuring probabilities, and Markov chains in Pluton PATCHES

Oct. 20. more on random choices and Markov chains PATCHES

Oct. 27. gain, volume, units, and time PATCHES

Nov. 3. sequencing PATCHES

Nov. 10. score following PATCHES

Nov. 17. video detection and parameter estimation PATCHES

--- no class Nov. 24 ---

Dec. 1. audio search

Dec. 8. sensing the environment .