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Acoustics for Musicians and Artists

Music 170/ICAM 103 course notes

DRAFT: November 24, 2014

Miller Puckette

Copyright 2013 Miller Puckette
License: Creative Commons (Attribution-ShareAlike):

These notes take the place of a textbook for the Fall 2013 offering of Musical Acoustics at UCSD (cross-listed as Music 170 and ICAM 103). The overall objective of the class is to provide both background and hands-on experience with sound as it appears in musical and artistic settings. Since most things to do with sound are now mediated by computers, computer audio techniques are foregrounded throughout these notes.

Examples in the book are realized using the Pure Data (Pd) software environment. Because it would take longer than the duration of this class to learn Pd well, a ``patch library" of Pd functions (``objects") is provided here.

These notes will be growing as the course progresses. Eight chapters are planned, each one ending with an assignment with five or so pen-and-paper exercises and a project that can be carried out using Pd and the patch library.

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