Classes taught by Miller Puckette, UCSD Music Department

Fall 2018:
Music 170. Musical Acoustics
Music 271c, co-taught with Rand Steiger

Spring 2019:
Music 206. The voice as musical instrument
Music 270c. Compositional algorithms

Past offerings with videos of classes:
Music 171 Computer Music 1
Music 170 / ICAM 103. Musical Acoustics
Music 206. Feedback and Distortion
Music 206. Stored and Live Control Streams for Real-time Electronic Music
Music 206. Fourier analysis, synthesis, and processing
Music 270b. Analysis of Musical Sound
Music 270c. Compositional algorithms

Other past offerings:
Music 6. History of Electronic Music
Music 14. Contemporary Music
Music 270b. Musical Cognitive Science
Music 206. Raspberry Pi as music platform
Music 206. real-time computer music software design
Music 172. Computer Music II
Music 272. Live Computer Music
Music 270a. Digital Audio Processing
Music 173. Mixing and Editing
Music 176. Music Technology Seminar
Music 267. Seminar in Advanced Music Technology
Music 209. Whose Musical Language is the right one?
Columbia University, Music g4601: Musical Interactivity